Friday, December 9, 2011

Tender Mercies...Again

This afternoon my friend Kelsey called to tell me that I had won one of the contests on her blog. I remembered entering, but neither one of us could remember what the prize was. I went back to her blog to find out and was stunned. I won a $3oo gift card to a store called Babinski's Baby. I looked at their website and they carry mostly furniture and baby gear, but they also have clothes. After 3 girls, we need clothes. We have a crib and pretty much anything you could ever want for a baby, but no clothes for a boy. I almost started crying when I saw the prize. This couldn't have come at a better time. I knew we would be able to make things work, but I am so grateful for the small or in this case huge tender mercy that came my way today!
So go check out Vanilla Joy over there on the right. Kelsey is an amazingly talented, crafty woman with so many cool ideas. And you just might win something too!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's a Boy!

Can I just say that I'm still in shock that we are having a boy. I thought for sure that we were having another boy. Last week during the ultrasound, I was looking for the 3 little lines that are the tell tale signs of a girl, but instead kept getting glimpses of something else. The ultrasound tech asked us if we were ready to find out the gender and we both said "yes!" Then she was able to get a really good shot, and it was definitely a boy. Ben didn't say much, but I know he was excited. I was shocked. I really am excited to have a boy, but I just keep thinking that I don't know what to do with a boy. Then I think, I only have girl stuff at home. We went to my parents afterward to pick up Maren and showed them the video, my mom was surprised too. We made Addy and Sydnee wait until they got home from school and then showed them the video. They were very surprised. Sydnee was very excited because she wanted a boy, Addy wasn't so sure. By the next day they were both very excited. Addy walked up to me and said "so what are we going to name him?" I have no idea. Ben and I always have a hard time agreeing on a name, so I'm sure this time around will be no different. Yesterday I started going through boxes of baby clothes. I pulled out anything that could be used for a boy and saved the outfits that I brought the other three home from the hospital in. It was kind of sad to know I wouldn't get to dress a baby in the cute little outfits again, but I have good memories of all three of my girls wearing them. I just need to find someone who will need them and that will make me feel better about parting with them. Hopefully by clearing out the clothes, I can make room in the garage for the car. The day of the ultrasound I went to Walmart and had to buy a boy outfit. In the past I have only bought boy stuff for gifts, it was kind of fun to pick out something to keep. I'm sure every shopping trip I will pick up something new, otherwise this kid will have to go naked ;) Anyway, I'm glad we have a few more months to plan for this new adventure.
P.S. I'm sure when he's older he'll love the fact that I posted his ultrasound picture that says it's a boy!

So far behind...

I'm so far behind on updating my blog. We've been very busy, but nothing real exciting going on. We all took turns being sick in November, which wasn't fun. It started with Addy and Sydnee, then Ben. When they were well again, it hit me. Once I was well, it hit Maren. Hopefully we'll stay well for the holidays.
We had a great Thanksgiving. We stopped by my parents for a few minutes, Dad borrowed the pine wood derby track from the ward and we raced cars for a while. Then it was off to the Yancey's for dinner. I stuffed myself on all the wonderful Thanksgiving food and then of course pie! It was a nice relaxing day. Ben had the week of Thanksgiving off and also a few days off last week. He's been busy working on projects at home. Our garage door now opens and shuts and will soon look like it belongs to our house. Now if I can just clean out enough junk so that I can park in it.
Addy and Sydnee are loving school and are excited to go everyday. Addy is in the school choir and has early practices twice a week. She never complains about getting up early and loves to sing. She has her first concert tonight. Every year at school they have a story telling festival. Addy always participates, but it's usually a last minute thing. This year was no different. She didn't even practice her story for the family. She came home from school and told me that she had won in her class and would be performing in the school competition. She practiced her story at FHE this week and again last night. This morning Maren and I went to the school to see her perform. She did great! I'm very proud of her. I was also very impressed with all of the other kids who performed. They were all so animated and confident. There is no way I could ever have done that in grade school. It's fun to see Addy blossom and become more and more confident.
Maren is starting to mellow out a good deal, thank goodness. We had a few weeks of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad two's. Thankfully she is returning to her sweet self again. She is growing up too fast, she talks really well and loves to do things by herself. We bought panties the other day, I'm hoping to get her potty trained before the baby is born.
As for me, I'm feeling really good these days. I'm so grateful that my nausea is gone. I'm trying to keep up with my housework and kids and husband and all that comes with life. I'm staying busy, but never seem to have any proof of my busyness. I'm grateful for my family and I'm so glad that I can be a stay-at-home mom. I'm so glad I get to be home and watch my kiddos grow every day.