Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Embarrassing Moment

This is Phil

Background: Phil is a friend of mine, we've been friends since junior high. We were crew mates on the ambulance for three years. Alex was the third member on our crew. Here's the message I sent Phil today on facebook.
Dear Phil,
I ran into Alex the other day and it was fun to catch up. I miss working with you and Alex a lot. So last night I was on a date with Ben. We were at the mall and we stopped at P.F. Changs to get some dessert to go. So, we're sitting there waiting and I look over and see you and Marci sitting at a table. I told Ben and he looked up and said I should go say hi. The only problem as I'm sure you already know is that you and Marci weren't at P.F. Changs last night. I walked over to the table, sat down and said "what's for dinner?" I looked at Marci, who was not Marci and then to Phil who still looks like you and realize my mistake. I'm blushing while writing this. I apologized and told him that he looked exactly like my friend Phil. He laughed and I swear his laugh and facial expressions were just like yours. Freaky! Anyway, they were totally cool and introduced themselves. I again apologized and told them to enjoy their meal. I then walked off to find a rock to crawl under. I swear, this guy looked exactly like you, even Ben was shocked. Anyway, I thought I would share this with you, I figured you would get a laugh out of it. How totally embarrassing!

There you have it folks, a simple case of mistaken identity and a humiliating moment. Oh well, I'm sure I gave the nice couple I met last night something to laugh about. I'm such a nerd!