Friday, August 22, 2008

What a week...

What a crazy week we have had. Monday, Addy went in for her kindergarten assessment test and to meet with her teacher. Addy was so excited that she was up, dressed and ready to go at 7:30 a.m. which was great except we didn't have to be at the school until 9:00 a.m. I can't complain because Addy is like a teenager in the sleep department, she doesn't like to be woke up and she complains and asks for five more minutes. Like I said before she's 5 going on 15.
The other exciting thing for Addy was that for the second time in her life she got something stuck up her nose. I couldn't believe it. Two years ago Addy stuck a bead up her nose and cried "get it out, get it out!" This time she came running upstairs crying and saying "my nose hurts." When I asked why, she told me she had a little bead up her nose. Sure enough there was a little rhinestone bead thing up her nose. Mom to the rescue, again. Now, here is my mommy tip. If your child ever does this you can usually save a trip to the doctor by pushing on the other nostril and blowing in your kid's mouth. Thank goodness it worked , yet again. The best part is that when asked why she had a bead in her nose. Addy's story and she is sticking to it, is that she was sniffing the floor for garbage and she accidentally sniffed the bead and it got stuck. Whatever!
Sydnee is my early riser, she loves to come in my room and crawl in bed with me. The other morning she climbed in and crawled over my legs. She then told me that my legs were scratchy like daddy's face. I guess it's time to shave.
Last night we went to a Salt Lake Bees game. We had awesome seats, free food and a great time. Sydnee had to wear her black ballet skirt over orange shorts with a gray shirt, yellow socks and these huge purple sunglasses. She has quite the fashion sense, or maybe not. Sydnee acted like she does at church, checking out what's on the floor, shopping for laps to sit on and asking for a drink. I am not sure the kids enjoyed it, but Addy and Sydnee swear they had a great time.