Thursday, November 20, 2008


Warning:My blog is my journal and I am about to vent, so continue reading at your own discretion.
I wasn't a fan of Seinfeld until I married Ben. My favorite episode is the one where Mr. Costanza is diagnosed with high blood pressure and so he uses a relaxation tape to help him learn how to well, relax. The voice on the tape tells him to say "serenity now" whenever he is getting tense. Throughout the episode he gets stressed and starts yelling "Serenity Now", then his wife says to him,"I don't think you're supposed to yell it." I love this episode. "Serenity Now" has been my mantra for quite some time now. I even have a big sign by my bedroom that says serenity now. When I get stressed or frustrated I yell (not too loud) SERENITY NOW! Addy and Sydnee laugh at me when I do this which then helps me to laugh too.
Here comes the venting.
I watch a 6 month old baby in my home five days a week. I swear he is a devil child, all he does is scream all day long. The kid never sleeps, and unless I am holding him and playing with him, he screams. Serenity Now. In the last 11 days I have had close to 20 extra children in and out of my home while parents worked, played or what not. Granted I don't mind helping people out, but this is getting ridiculous. Yesterday I told Ben if I have to wipe one more bottom or nose that doesn't belong to me I'm gonna scream. I had to scrub urine out of my carpet yesterday and today vomit. I am getting frustrated because I haven't had time with my own children or even time to myself(what's that?) Today I had my two plus Addy's friend who is staying with us for a few days, devil child and an 11 month old. My house is suffering, my kids are suffering and well, I am suffering. Right now instead of doing my hair or putting my makeup on I am blogging and hoping that by venting I will feel better. Serenity now! I think I need to learn how to say "no". First I need some chocolate and maybe a nap. HaHa!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picture Tag

I've been tagged!
Here are the instructions.
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This is Addy hamming it up with her otter pop wrapper. During the summer Ben's dad inflates their big raft and fills it with water for the grandkids to swim in. Grandma always breaks out the otter pops for her girls.
I tag Lisa, Laura, Jamie and Kristie.

Family Home Evening

Last night for family home evening we talked about being thankful. We started with the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers and only one said "thank you". We talked about how we can say thank you to Heavenly Father and Jesus. After our lesson, we made turkeys out of paper and wrote some of the things we are grateful for on the feathers. Ben helped Sydnee glue her turkey together. After all of the feathers were glued on, Ben glued a piece of paper on to hold the feathers down. Ben told the girls that it was the turkeys hind end. Addy grabbed a pen and drew a line down the middle to make it look like a hind end. She is truly her father's daughter.