Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Sydnee!!!!

I can't believe that my baby is 4! Sydnee is the perfect child and so fun. She has an amazing personality, Happy Birthday Baby! Sydnee and I spent the morning playing with play-doh, making her cakes (the first one didn't work) and watching Dora. We stopped at McDonald's for happy meals and then home for some more play time with Addy. Sydnee is so laid back, she asked for homemade chicken curry and corn for dinner and a Snow White cake which turned into a princess cake. Sydnee is just a really easy kid to be with.

Cookie Cutters

Yesterday Grandma Williams took Sydnee to Cookie Cutters to get her haircut for her birthday. Here are some pictures of their fun little outing. Thanks Grandma!

How on Earth?

Last night Addy called out for help while she was supposed to be getting ready for bed. This is what Ben found when he got to Addy's room. Yep, that's our girl, head first in the hamper. Supposedly she was trying to retrieve the dirty clothes from the hamper so they could go in the wash. I'm just not sure though.

The Soccer Game

Addy's first soccer game was last Wednesday in the freezing cold Arctic wind. She had a great time and although we about froze to death, Ben and I enjoyed watching the kids. It was hilarious! The kids were running the wrong way and not daring to kick the ball when someone else was trying to. The goalies were sitting down and wouldn't move. It was great! Addy thought it was fun, especially since everyone was there to see how good she was, ha ha!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

8 Years...

8 years ago today, Ben and I were married. We've been through a lot in the last 8 years, but I have to say that I still love Ben very, very much. I wouldn't want to repeat some of the experiences we've had, but I know they have helped us to grow stronger. I look forward to many more happy years and also eternity.

Our Baby Girl